The constructability of a project can be characterized by a number of factors:

  • Can the goals of the client be realized within the available budget?
  • Can the goals be realized within the specified time frames?
  • Can political and/or financial impacts be overcome?
  • Will this team be able to provide the appropriate services, resources, expertise and commitment make the project feasible and successful?

Along with our Value Engineering studies, we will also coordinate with the design team and Owner and provide analysis of alternate building elements. Our experience in a multitude of building types, and working diligently with the project design team, enables us to provide an accurate assessment to the Owner during the decision process.

Some systems will be quickly eliminated on these judgment criteria. Those which the review team believes have some merit will be analyzed in depth and recommendations will be made regarding ultimate incorporation in the building.

Middleman Construction Company fully realizes the preliminary status of the construction documents. We feel strongly that our input, even at this time will produce positive results. By working in close coordination with your design team and staff, we will aspire to maintain and minimize the bottom line construction cost of your project. In addition, we will provide the type of workmanship, quality and integrity upon which Middleman Construction Company has built our reputation.

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