Schedule Compliance

Our staff’s construction knowledge and experience allows us to create an effective schedule which will clarify activities for these projects and attempt to forecast various issues before the commitment of labor, materials and facilities are made.

We create a Critical Path Method (CPM) schedule, organizing major activities into a series of management events thus memorializing a master schedule for the entire project / deliverable. By identifying certain work activities required to complete the project, as well as the relationship of those activities to one another, the CPM schedule allows for the determination of what critical activities, or milestones, are crucial to the successful completion of these projects.

During the construction phase, our staff periodically updates and reviews the CPM schedule for accuracy. We are proactive in identifying long lead materials or equipment early in the project in an effort to eliminate construction delays. If delays are unavoidable, we will actively solicit Subcontractor input for alternative means and methods as necessary to meet with the project delivery deadline.